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Don't Want The Hassle of Selling Your Property?

Maybe you don't the hassle of selling. 

Maybe your home didn't sell in this crazy market shift with higher interest rates, dropping home prices and nervous buyers. 

We have partnered with Real Sure  -  they may buy your home at Fair Market Value.  This isn't the company who texts you from a Google phone number and wants to offer you a under market low ball offer. 


With Real Sure, homes are inspection and evaluated.  If you accept the cash offer, you are done.  OR  After you receive your Cash Offer, you can test the market for a higher price by selling your home traditionally with our Premier Marketing service at no additional cost to you to see if we can get you a higher price.  Its a WIN WIN for you!  Click for Real Sure's website.

  • Cash Offer is good for 45 Days

    • If you want to see if we can sell your home for more money after you receive your offer, we will list your home traditionally.  See our Premium Marketing at no additional cost to you. ​

  • Minimum Home Price $100,000

  • Maximum Home Price $600,000

  • Varies by Location in the Salt Lake Market - let me know your address and I will look to see if your home qualifies

  • Single Family Residences only

  • Maximum 2 Acres

  • No New Construction Homes

  • No Manufactured Homes

  • Stay in your home for up to 4 weeks after closing with Flex Stay.  Real Sure does charge a minimum fee per day to stay after closing.  But you have 45 days to accept the offer so if you are ready to move, you can get your home packed up and ready to go before you accept the cash offer. Once the transaction closes, you can not occupy the home. 

  • Real Sure pays for the inspections.  If you walk away before the transaction closes, you will not be billed for the inspections. 

    • Real Sure may ask for a credit if there are issues with the home, just how a traditional negotiation would be. ​



Cost / Fees

  • Real Sure charges 5% Service Fee based on the cash offer of the home.  They do not charge a Buyer's Commission Fee. 

  • Coldwell Banker Realty charges a 3% Commission Fee.  This Commission Fee handles the facilitation for you.  I also will provide at no cost to you:

    • Move Out Clean at no cost to you​

    • 3,300 lb of trash.  Just fill up the 'bagster' I drop off at your home and fill it up.  I'll schedule pick up for the bag when you are done. 

      •  Accepted:  Household Junk, Construction Debris, Yard Waste, Dirt/Concrete/Rocks, Sod  

      •  Not Accepted:  Appliances, Electronics, Tires, Food Waste, Large Stumps, Toxic/Hazardous Items

    • Your Title Fees.  Real Sure has the Seller pay for the Title Fees, but I will pay this for you.  Real Sure will only use Metrol Title  for Utah transactions. 

EXAMPLE   Cash Offer   $430,000

                   - 5% Real Sure Fee     - $  21,500

                   - 3% Coldwell Banker Commission - $  12,900

                   Estimated Title Fee  $500  (I Pay this for you)

                   - Any Money Owed on Existing Mortgage,

                     HELOC, etc. 


What do you think?  Click HERE to review the four (4) transaction forms.  Want a little more info?  Visit Real Sure's website

Contact us for questions and more information, (801) 673-6789,

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