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Are you managing your home equity?


Most of our wealth is wrapped up in our home equity.  How about a sleek, complimentary monthly report which shows you the current market conditions, you can input your upgrades, remodels and additions, play around with prinicple and interest payments.  


I want to help you understand how powerful your home equity is especially when it comes to retirement and the goals you have.  Clicking the BOT below allows you to receive a free "HomeBot Digest".  You can cancel at anytime, but it is pretty cool.  Your email information is not sold.  This monthly newsletter offers you a highly personalized report with valuable information to empower you to make smarter financial decision when it comes to your home.

This is what HomeBot can track for you:

  • Current and historical estimated market value of your home

  • Appreciation since you purchased your home

  • Net worth/equity in your home

  • A Breakdown of principle and interest paid

  • Tips for how to save on interest payments

  • Your purchasing power to buy an investment property trade up to a new home

  • Estimated rental figures for your home, or a room in your home, on services like AirBnB or VRBO

  • Your current Cash Out potential for doing things like consolidating high interest debt or increasing your home value through home improvement

​I hope you will find this valuable and easy to use.  I have used this for a little while before I decided to share it.  I really like it.  Please let me know if you have any questions along the way.   Click the bot below to get started!  

Manage Your Home Equity
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