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Pierce - January 2023

Happy 2023!   I have a down and dirty current market analysis for your home.  You can download this if you want it for your records.  Utah MLS is doing their comps a little different now.  They give different market comps for different homes in your neighborhood.  You'll see it when you get to page 46.   I'll leave this analysis up until the end of February. 

Comps are a small boundary around your home and from 60 days back of which:

1 Under Contract Listing

1 Withdrawn Listing

1 Expired Listing

2 Sold Listings

1 Cancelled Listing  

Let me know if you have any questions.  The market is slow due to the interest rate increases, the unknown fluctuation of interest rates and it being winter.  We are seeing prices are come down a little.  We had such a huge increase in our home values the last few years, that if you took a normal 3-5% yearly home value increase, you'll find our current home prices are where they would be in 2028-2029.  Even if home prices come down, they will eventually catch up over the next few years.  

If you know anyone who would like an analysis like this, please send them my way.  I would love to help!

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