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Buyers lead busy lives. They want to walk into a home, see how they are supposed to live in that home and put their couch down and TV up and just start living.  They don’t want projects. They don't want to think "How I’m going to use this space?".  If they have to think this hard,
they are going to move on to another home.

What Staging Is
Staging is all about bringing out your home’s best features. It’s a matter of arranging furniture in a way that shows how a room can be enjoyed and placing wall art that accentuates the beauty of a space. 

Home staging paints a picture to help buyers see just how amazing your home is. 

Why Staging Matters
When it comes to selling your home, staging is all about helping buyers get a vision for life in this home and getting them excited enough to make a competitive offer. 

We find that staged homes consistently get more offers, get higher offers, and sell more quickly than homes that are not professionally staged. It’s a huge deal!

And since we think any home that sells under its highest potential price is a mistake, we make sure that every listing has a few staged rooms if needed.  Sometimes it's just rearranging some of your furniture.

Staging is always far less than the first price reduction.

How We Help
Our professional staging team will do a thorough walk through and bring in some pieces or work with what you have to create a space that inspires buyers.  Then we take amazing photos for online marketing and digital listings. 

We’d love to help you get the most out of your home sale so you can move on with confidence. Contact us today to talk to an agent and take the next step towards selling your home!

Colonae Chrisensen Real Estate Renovations
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