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Updating My Home To Sell

Your Home

When your house needs updating to sell for top dollar or your house isn't selling, you need a professional to come in to tell you what to do.  


We put in our own money to make the updates to bring in buyers.  We are paid back at closing.  We are able to sell your updated house for more money than if your house is on the market without the updates.  Buyers want to move in and not do much - ideally they want a move-in ready home.  

We a combination of all our passions—home function, soothing home elements, real estate and home decor.  We want to discover your passion and success with you!

The first question we from homeowners who want to sell their home is ...

"What do you suggest

we need to do?"

Everyone wants to get as much money out of their house as possible, especially if you have owned your home for years.  If you haven't updated in a while or your home needs to be spruced up to attract as many buyers as possible, we can help!   

Most people don't want to front the money for changes and will sacrifice selling as is and negotiate repairs from home inspection reports which won't make them the most money.

Most people don't have the time or don't know where to start.

Even if your home is still on the market after 2 months, you need to step back and address what your potential buyers

have been telling you 

That's right!  We will pay for minor repairs and updates up front to make your home attract as many buyers as possible with... 

No Interest Rate

No Mark Up Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Credit Checks

No Lien On Your Property

You pay us back at closing through your equity

Improvements and Services could include ...

Deep Cleaning

Cosmetic Updates


Pest Control




Closet Buildout

Window Replacement

Bathroom Remodel

New Flooring

Home Automation

Roof Repair

Mold Remediation

Kitchen Remodel

MoNew Gutter / Downspouts

Irrigation/Sprinkler Repairs


New Cabinets

New Countertops

Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical

Repairs or Replacements

Updated Plumbing Fixtures

Updated Lighting Fixtures

New Appliances

New Electrical Fixtures

New Shower Doors

New Tile

Exterior Repair

Curb Appeal

Wall and Ceiling Repair


General Contractor

Interior Designer

Handyman Services

..... and more!

Structural items not included

Another way to use this program is if you are under contract and the home inspection comes back with a few negotiable fixes.  You can use this program to get the fixes done.  We will pay the for the repairs up front and you pay us back at closing.  

Structural work and additions are not included.  Properties in foreclosure, short sale, or bank owned or home sellers in bankruptcy are not included in this program.  New Homes can only use program for Staging purposes.  Contact us for questions. 

Before and After
Without Upgrades $320,000
Listed With Upgrades for $500,000
Sold for $530,000


Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After


Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After
Updating Home Before and After


Closing Payoffs
Estimated Pay Off  $  90,000
Updates                 $  60,000
Total Seller To Pay At Closing* $105,000

If Sold With Updates
Listed for $500,000
Sold for    $530,000
Closing*  ($105,000)
Commissions ($30,000) 
Return      $395,000 with Updates

If Sold Without Updates
Comps were $320,000
Closing*       ($ 90,000)  
Commissions ($19,200)           
Return           $210,800 without Updates

* Not including all Closing Costs
  Not all results are the same.  

To Mortgage Company

Coldwell $15,000, Owner $45,000 

Mortgage $90,000  Coldwell  $15,000

To Mortgage Company

Mortgage $90,000  Coldwell  $15,000

1.  Why did Coldwell Banker choose to partner with HomeAdvisor?

HomeAdvisor offers the nation’s largest network of pre-screened, homeowner-rated home service professionals. They’ll connect you with top-rated local pros to ensure you are getting the best service provider to get the job done right.

2.  How does RealVitalize work?

Clients can call for a project consultation. A project consultant will then   work with you to arrange services, agree on pricing and manage projects from start to finish. All services will be billed to Coldwell Banker and recouped from the client at closing with no hidden fees, interest charges or markups.

3.  When will appointments be scheduled?

The project consultant will work with you to book service appointments that fit conveniently into their schedules.

4.  What is the cost to the agent and client?

Coldwell Banker West Shell does not charge a fee for RealVitalize. All services are billed to Coldwell Banker West Shell and the seller pays back the costs to Coldwell Banker at closing, with no hidden fees, interest charges or markups.

5.  What if the listing does not close?

If your listing does not close within 12 months from the execution date of a RealVitalize contract, you will be responsible for paying Coldwell Banker West Shell an amount equal to the value of services that were undertaken during the contract period.

6. How much can a seller borrow as part of RealVitalize?

RealVitalize will cover the costs up to an amount equal to the Listing Side Real Estate Commission set forth in the listing agreement at the agreed-upon price but not to exceed $50,000.


7. How do I know the HomeAdvisor service providers will be good?   

HomeAdvisor has a rigorous screening process for its service providers, including background checks and licensing requirements. RealVitalize participating HomeAdvisor providers were selected for having the highest customer ratings and experience.

8. How does pricing work?

Before HomeAdvisor begins any work, the price will be clearly communicated and the seller will have the chance to review any quote before work is performed. If the seller disagrees with the price, the seller or agent can work with the dedicated HomeAdvisor project consultant to find a different provider or change the scope of the work.

Give us a call to make an appointment.  We will meet you at your home to talk to you about your goals and walk through your home. 

We will make a list of suggestions and send you different pricing scenarios for your review and we will show you how much additional money you could make based on a suggest price based on updated homes for sale and ones who have just sold in your area.  And we will give you a suggested price range for what you could sell your home for without the updates.  We will also take you through an updated home to show you the difference on the buyer's end.

We want you to feel assured your property is in the hands of professionals so you are not overwhelmed and know we will take care of it so you won't have to worry about decisions or think about it. 

Ready?  We are!   Call us today... 

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