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Update Home To Sell

Update To Sell

The first question we get from homeowners who want to sell their home is ...

"What do you suggest

we need to do?"

Everyone wants to get as much money out of their house as possible, especially if you have owned your home for years.  If you haven't updated in a while or your home needs to be spruced up to attract as many buyers as possible, we can help!   

Most people don't want to front the money for changes and will sacrifice selling as is and negotiate repairs from home inspection reports which won't make them the most money.

Most people don't have the time or don't know where to start.

Even if your home is still on the market after 2 months, you need to step back and address what your potential buyers

have been telling you 

That's right!  We will pay for minor repairs and updates up front to make your home attract as many buyers as possible with... 

No Interest Rate

No Mark Up Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Credit Checks

No Lien On Your Property

You pay us back at closing

Improvements and Services could include ...

Deep Cleaning

Cosmetic Updates


Pest Control




Closet Buildout

Window Replacement

Bathroom Remodel

New Flooring

Home Automation

Roof Repair or New Roof

Mold Remediation

Kitchen Remodel

Moving Expenses

New Gutter / Downspouts

Irrigation/Sprinkler Repairs


New Cabinets

New Countertops

Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical

Repairs or Replacements

Updated Plumbing Fixtures

Updated Lighting Fixtures

New Appliances

New Electrical Fixtures

New Shower Doors

New Tile

Exterior Repair

Curb Appeal

Wall and Ceiling Repair


General Contractor

Interior Designer

Handyman Services

..... and more!

Give us a call to make an appointment.  We will meet you at your home to talk to you about your goals and walk through your home. 
We will make a list of suggestions and send you different scenarios for your review and we will show you how much additional money you could make based on a suggest price based on updated homes for sale and ones who have just sold in your area.  And we will give you a suggested price range for what you could sell your home for without the updates.  We will also take you through an updated home to show you the difference on the buyer's end.

We want you to feel assured your property is in the hands of professionals so you are not overwhelmed and know we will take care of it so you won't have to worry about decisions or think about it. 

Ready?  We are!   Call us today... (801) 673-6789

Before and After
Without Upgrades $320,000
Listed for $500,000
Sold for $530,000



Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell
Update Home To Sell


Estimated Pay Off  $  90,000
Updates                 $  60,000
Total Seller To Pay At Closing* $150,000

Listed for $500,000
Sold for    $530,000
Closing*  ($150,000)
Return      $380,000 with Updates

If Sold without Updates
Comps were $320,000
Closing*       ($150,000)            
Return           $170,000 without Updates

* Not including all Closing Costs
Not all results are the same.  

2021 Wasatch Front Resale Values 

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