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(well.... some of them)

Creating a home to feel like home means textures, color scheme, a bit contrast, patterns and love.  You will find some our favorite things we like to use when we stage in these online stores.  We use a lot of texture and play with a wide range of neutral colors.  Create your home and lifestyle with table decor, candles, throws, bathroom decor - find your perfect pieces.  We will definitely put you in touch with our stylist if you are want a more personal buyer experience.  


Screenshot 2022-09-20 11.08.54 AM.png

The Nested Fig offers higher end accessory looks for a reasonable price.  We love their faux florals and stems, lanterns, unique lighting, candle holders, fun outdoor accessories, and their trays and boards.  Sometimes we find the perfect rug here too.  We can almost guarantee any home decor item from Nested Fig will get the 'where did you get that' question.  

Faux Florals     Lanterns     Unique Lighting     Candle Holders     Outdoor Accessories
Screenshot 2022-09-20 1.59.23 PM.png

Katrina & Co has great go-to decor.  We love their glass vases, decorative bowls, and entertaining accessories.  They have some great pillows and throws that come up from time to time as well!

Glass Vases     Decorative Bowls     Pillows     Throws     Entertaining Accessories     
Screenshot 2023-03-04 7.29.24 AM.png

Styling an office or need a few more books to fill some shelves?  The House of Elements sales fabric wrapped books - linens, solid colors.  Makes your shelves really stand out with pops of colors or textures. 

Fabric Covered Books
Screenshot 2023-03-04 7.39.46 AM.png

Lush Decor is hands down our bedding go to!   We also get lucky with throw pillows from time to time. 

Bedding     Pillows     
Screenshot 2023-03-04 7.54.47 AM.png

We find great furniture pieces and mirrors here from time to time.  They do tend to lean more towards rustic and farmhouse decor.  We will look to Decor Steals for texture no matter what look we are going for. 

Furniture Pieces     Mirrors      

Fine Print - some of the above links could be affliate links which means we may learn a small percentage.  All product listed above are other retailers.  We do not have our own physical shop yet.  But stay tuned!

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